In 2016, my friend, Doctor Guy Pagiou asked me to build a small house for his caretaker, Gerry, for his weekend house in Infanta, Quezon about 90 kms away from the city.  His budget was only 1/3 of normal house built from concrete and hollow blocks. I decided to use steel framing and eco board and roof, and the cost met his budget.  Being far from the city, but in the birding sites, where I take bird photographs, I decided to make the construction very short, like 3 days only.  So, I designed a concrete slab, with embedded plates, which I built the steel framing from.  Then with tech screws I fastened the eco board and roof to the steel framing.  The choice of aluminum jalousies was for lowering the cost.

Today, after 2.5 years, the house still looks new, and very functional, surviving two large typhoons which hit the area.